– “Our fur baby is Sydney. She became part of our family January 19, 2013. We couldn’t be happier, but that is usually a given with Great Danes.

 This testimony is about Kentucky Great Dane Rescue. We had lost our first child, a Great Dane, two years prior to looking for another Dane. We knew we wanted to rescue, but had the most difficult time. Something as simple as a response to an email, application, etc. I found this amazing. I knew there were danes that needed homes, but couldn’t get anyone to reply back.

 Then we found KGDR. Terra was awesome. She responded immediately. Larry brought his danes to our house for an inspection. Which I loved. Our daughter (4 years old) was able to be around his dogs. I wanted to make sure she was still comfortable after two years of not being around a Dane.

 Cindy (foster mom) was great taking care of Sydney up to the time we brought her home. She also was flexible for us to come meet Sydney.

 KGDR is such an amazing rescue!!!!”Kimberly Sharonville, OH


 – “We have a 100 acre farm and a host of pets. One puppy we have is a Mastidane (1/2 Mastiff, 1/2 Dane). Star was growing so much that she was too much for the other dogs to play with, so we thought about getting another large dog for her to buddy up with. I discovered KGDR on Facebook and when we looked at the adoptable dogs, three stood out as possible candidates. All were good with other dogs, and most were good with cats. My hubby and I discussed the decision long and hard before I even filled out the adoption paperwork. We wanted to make sure we could give the dog a good home and take care of any financial issues stemming from bringing another horse-sized animal into our home.

 After filling out the application, Terra contacted me. Two of the dogs had been adopted, but there were two more that held promise. Except they were in Louisville and we live in southeastern KY. So one Sunday in November, we loaded the 120 pound “puppy” for a 3 hour drive to Louisville to introduce her to some potential playmates. The weather was horrible, tornado warnings, floods, and high winds, but we made it. We were to visit with Pocket and Bentley.

 Introductions initially didn’t go well. Star decided to be highly protective of us and wouldn’t let any other dogs near. It was looking like a wasted drive. But then it was suggested to try something rather unorthodox: put Pocket and Star in the backseat of the car together. Of course they were going to be supervised! I stayed back while my hubby and Josh went to babysit. After nearly a half hour, they came back and said the girls were just fine. It was decided that Pocket would be the best fit for our household. Bentley was too shy for our rowdy pack.

 We got her home and had to introduce her to the other 3 in the house. We did that outside, using muzzles on our dogs to ensure safety. It took about a week of grumblings and scuffles to finally get the pack cooperating. Now they all get along and play like maniacs. I’m so glad we could give a homeless Dane a forever home. She’s worked out fabulously. Now we’re wondering if we can afford another…???” – Kathy Rowe and Scott Shore


 – “I have been a Great Dane owner all my life. When we settled into our new home in December of 2012, I was thrilled to realize that we would now have the room to adopt another family member. We have an elderly handicapped Great Dane that we rescued in 2008. We have always gone the rescue route as so many people decide that this breed is for them based on looks and not on the reality that these cute puppies will be very large responsibilities one day. I researched all of the rescues I could find that would adopt to my area and I am so glad I did my homework. I found breeders that sold puppies and then later took those puppies back in and claimed to have “rescued” them (basically selling the same dog twice with no regard for their wellbeing), I found irresponsible owners attempting to sell “beloved family members”, and then I found KGDR.

I am located in Indiana and KGDR was willing to work with agencies and individuals in my area to make sure that they could complete a home visit and contact my references to make sure I would be a suitable adopter. KGDR also took my other dog’s temperament (she had a rough life before she came to us and had exhibited aggression issues with some dogs) and disability into consideration when matching me with a new dog. In other words, they took the time to find the right dog for us. When we traveled to meet the dog they had suggested for us, we took the kids and our old doggie with us so that everyone would have a chance to meet the new dog on neutral territory. Things went well and Sophie became a permanent member of our family in February of 2013.

I love KGDR because I feel like the money I paid for Sophie’s adoption fee was minimal (especially considering all of their dogs are up to date on all vaccinations & spayed or neutered before adoption) and I got the truth from the rescue agency about her health, her life and her temperament. I also feel like that money was instantly put back into good use.

KGDR is easy to reach if there is a question or problem and they are very supportive of their adoptive families. They know your family, they remember your dog. They are truly in this business for the right reason. If you are on the fence about adopting, I would urge you to watch all the good this agency does for dogs. Follow them on Facebook for 1 month and I guarantee if you are a Great Dane lover, you will be amazed at the lengths they go and the lives they save. Personally, I am looking forward to the day that I can volunteer as a foster family for KGDR and help forward the mission.” – Jasmine Evansville, IN


 – “As I sit to write this email, I struggle to truly find the words to express how KGDR and the personnel has made me feel. I have so much love for all the people, dogs, and work they put into their organization. Because of my experience and interactions with KGDR, I began to volunteer with 3 other Dane rescues in my home state. I have to admit- I have never found another organization like KGDR, nor have I ever felt like I “belonged” to them like I do with KGDR. The time, dedication, commitment, love, and effort each of them put into the fosters and the organization touches my heart. The members of KGDR light a flame in your soul and magically (and unknowingly) inspire you. The amount of money and time they give to rescue dogs in need is incredibly inspiring. They take meticulous care of their fosters to provide them with the best care around.

When adopting my first rescue through KGDR, I had so many questions. Within a few hours all of my questions were answered with honesty, energy, and compassion. The process was thorough- which made me feel like these people really cared about the future of their rescues! I appreciated all the time they took to make sure I was going to be an appropriate fit for the dog and the dog for me. We traveled 9 hours to adopt our Dane, and when I finally met the faces behind the phone/computer, it was like I had known them all along! The second adoption was just as wonderful and as a bonus along the way, I became acquainted with other members of the KGDR team. If you ask them how often we share stories, ideas, or how many times a week I call them with a “Help me!” plea, they would just laugh, I’m sure. But never once have they ever made me feel like my concerns or questions weren’t important. They have always treated me like I am part of a big Dane family. I have told them time after time that “my” dog is still and always will be “their” dog too.

I am beyond grateful for the work they do. Because of them, my dogs were given a second chance. Because of them, I was provided with the best unconditional love I have ever felt. There are no words to express the gratitude for something like that.”Lindsey Menasha, WI


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