Here’s what KGDR families are saying about us.

“Our family adopted Colt on June 24, 2021. He is a 5 month old Mantle Great Dane. The application process, the telephone interview with me and my two references, along with the home visit seemed overwhelming at first but KGDR volunteers were extremely helpful and answered all of my questions and concerns. Our family is so happy with Colt. He is very laid back and wonderful with our three kids. I cannot imagine our lives without him. I recommend anyone to rescue/adopt their fur babies, and more specifically, I recommend KGDR for anyone looking to add a Great Dane to their families. I cannot thank them enough for all of the assistance and hand holding they provided.

~Kristen B. – 2021

“During COVID, we decided it was time to add to our Great Dane zoo. A friend had sent me a picture of Moose and we were immediately in love. We knew of the rescue because a friend had adopted through them before. We began the adoption process and I was so impressed with how thorough the rescue was in making sure the animals in their care were placed in the best home for their needs, as well as letting us know everything they did about his health and needs. After a few weeks, we scheduled a meet and greet with the foster family and because Moose came from an abusive home they wanted us to take him for the weekend to make sure he fit in well with our family. He did and is now a beloved member of our family; by humans and danes alike. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend KGDR to anyone as you can feel the love they have for their animals. Our foster parents still keep in touch and check up on Moose at least weekly. We feel so honored to have been chosen to be his forever home.

~ Angie W. – 2020

“This is Briggs! He was adopted from KGDR back in 2014 by my husband, who at the time was single, and it was only him and his German Shepherd (Skyler). Briggs was a good fit for their family, as he didn’t think he would have kids around anytime soon or any major changes. Boy was he wrong. Within less than a year of having Briggs, we moved in with the three of them (Louie, Skyler and Briggs). Our family was a family of three (Tiffany, Maddie, and Skylar) and the girls at the time were ages 2 and 5– very young and hyper to say the least. Together, we made a family of 6. Briggs loved the girls right away and enjoyed being with them, as he still does. He has now turned into a big baby when it comes to mommy. I can say I’m his favorite! He loves being on our farm with the ducks, geese, chickens, horses and his favorite kitty kitty. We recently celebrated his 9th birthday, and he is still healthy and going as strong as ever. I just wanted to give everyone an update and say thank you to KGDR for giving me my baby.”

~Tiffany L. – 2020

Words can’t express how grateful we are to have Ace in our lives! He is the perfect match for our family and we couldn’t be more happy with the process/experience we had with Ky Great Dane Rescue!

When we decided to adopt another Great Dane, I had done a lot of research with rescues near us and had been on the KGDR Facebook page for about 6 months to a year until we were ready to apply to adopt. Watching their page and others experience/reviews, I knew I wanted to go through them!

KGDR took the time to talk with us on what we were looking for, our experience with Great Danes, and walked us through how the process worked. We discussed the available dogs and which would be best to be around kids and other dogs-such as our other rescued Great Dane and my in-laws’ dogs. They felt Ace would be a great fit and set up a day/time to be interviewed by the foster parents. Speaking with the fosters, I felt how much they loved and cared about him, making sure we would be a great fit and forever home for him. It felt like I knew them for years!!! We decided to set up a day/time to meet Ace and it was seriously love at 1st sight! He walked in like he owned the place and made himself at home—like it was meant to be. I love how the fosters/rescue still care about their babies—we stay in touch through Facebook and/or messenger. He has been such a joy and completed our family!

We recently lost our 1st Great Dane to cancer. Ace has been so supportive of her all throughout the process. He was always by her side and very gentle with her. When she went over the rainbow bridge, it affected him hard. But he was by our side with lots of hugs, cuddles, and slobbery kisses. We will be forever grateful of KGDR for bringing Ace into our lives and will always go through them when we are ready to open our hearts for another Great Dane!!

-Ashley K., 2020

I am located in Indiana and KGDR was willing to work with agencies and individuals in my area to make sure that they could complete a home visit and contact my references to make sure I would be a suitable adopter. KGDR also took my other dog’s temperament and disability into consideration when matching me with a new dog. When we traveled to meet the dog they had suggested for us, we took the kids and our old doggie with us so that everyone would have a chance to meet the new dog on neutral territory.

I love KGDR because I feel like the money I paid for Sophie’s adoption fee was minimal (especially considering all of their dogs are up to date on all vaccinations & spayed or neutered before adoption) and I got the truth from the rescue agency about her health, her life and her temperament. I also feel like that money was instantly put back into good use.

KGDR is easy to reach if there is a question or problem and they are very supportive of their adoptive families. They know your family, they remember your dog. They are truly in this business for the right reason. Personally, I am looking forward to the day that I can volunteer as a foster family for KGDR and help forward the mission.

~Jasmine E., IN

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