We know it’s not always possible to keep a pet. If you have not yet considered all your options, we are available to help you find solutions that would enable you to keep your Dane (e.g., training or low-cost veterinary resources). 

If you must surrender, please carefully read the information below.

We accept Great Danes from any source (shelters, owners, breeders).

Owner Surrender

NOTE: We are not accepting any new owner surrender forms at this time due to limited to no fosters available. We will update this when we have more fosters available.

Completion of this form does not guarantee that KGDR will accept your surrendered Dane. We cannot accept Danes who are medically fragile beyond reasonable treatment. Danes with a history of aggression are considered on a case-by-case basis. It is very important that you complete the questionnaire as many of our foster homes have other pets and/or children, and we consider their safety first. Upon receiving the questionnaire, we will consider your Dane for our program and look for a suitable foster home. We will contact you about the status of the surrender. Because of foster home or fund limitations, it is sometimes necessary to place the dog on a waiting list.

Rescue/Shelter Release

If you are a shelter or rescue, please complete the release form below and email it to

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