Adoptable Danes

KGDR Danes live in loving foster homes until they find a family of their own. Please read our Adoption Info before applying.

PLEASE NOTE: You may apply for adoption at any time, regardless of dog availability, to ensure that you are approved ahead of time.

We process applications in the order they are received and cannot guarantee that a dog will still be up for adoption once your application is approved.

Hi, my name is Luna & I am a 2-year-old female Great Dane. I am the gentlest dog you will ever meet! My favorite thing to do is lay on the floor in the room with my humans. I don’t even try to get on the furniture at all!

I know how to sit for treats, come when called for and always happy. I am house trained but do not like going into a crate (something I still need to work on.) If I am home alone & bored, I like to find shoes & chew on them, so interactive toys or working on crate training is a must!

I am really shy at first, but everyone loves me right away. I am pretty low activity level and LOVE to snuggle and love on you! But I do like to have a yard that I can lay and roll around in the grass. Won’t you pick me to be your next family member?

Luna is UTD on vaccinations and spayed.


2 year old female


5 year old male

Meet Opie, aka Odie, Oates-spagotes, or Oats! This handsome boy is a five-year-old Dane/lab mix weighing in at about 65 pounds. He will steal your heart with his regal posture and the way he sits with his front legs stretched out and crossed. He has the most adorable stretching routine to start the day and he loves to “talk” to his people…he’ll seriously have a conversation with you! Odie is a laid-back boy and when chilling at home, he is a typical couch potato Dane who is content to snooze the day away, but when it’s play time, he is ready to go!

He gets along really well with his canine foster sister and even though she has about 50 pounds on him, he can hang with her! They love to chase each other around at the park. It is absolutely adorable the way they insist on sharing one dog bed even though they each have their own. Although Opie adores his canine foster sister and will do well with any dog siblings if they are introduced properly, he doesn’t always appreciate unfamiliar dogs and sometimes get startled or overwhelmed when new dog friends approach. He would prefer to be in a situation where he doesn’t have a lot of interaction with dogs outside his family.

Opie is a very well-mannered gentleman who seems to know basic commands and always comes when he is called. He is so well behaved that when in public multiple people have commented on his manners. He is totally housebroken.

He’ll need a bit of patience in the beginning as initial separation anxiety can be an issue, but once he bonds to you (and that will happen quickly), he is just fine being left alone with free reign of the house. You don’t need to worry about chewing or counter surfing with this guy. Give this boy a chance and he will capture your heart and be a loyal companion!

Opie is UTD on vaccinations and neutered.

Meet Haley! She is a spunky 9-week-old mixed breed. We aren’t quite sure on her breed, but it is estimated she will be a medium sized adult dog, around 50-60 lbs. when full grown. She and her sister, Nova, were taken in after leaving their mother a bit too soon.

Haley is full of energy, likes to talk to you when she’s excited and is super smart! Crate and house training are a work in progress. She is up to date on her vaccines but will still need a couple of booster vaccines. She would love to have a doggie playmate. She lives with cats but as a puppy, she is still a bit inquisitive. Are you her forever family?


9 week old female


9 week old female

Meet Nova! She is a loving 9-week-old mixed breed in search of her forever home. We aren’t quite sure of her breed, but it is estimated she will be a 50-60 lbs. medium sized adult dog. She and her sister, Haley, were surrendered after being taken away from their mom a bit too soon.

Nova loves to play but also likes to cuddle in your lap! Crate and house training are a work in progress. She is up to date on her vaccines but will still need a couple of booster vaccines. She loves to tag along with her foster brother in the yard and is a bit fond of finding the cat. Would she be a perfect fit for your family?

Hey! I’m Nash, aka Nashers and Hot Chicken and I am a little over 4.5 years old. I’m only part Dane but I’m all love! I absolutely LOVE to play fetch with my foster family! I sometimes even kick the ball myself to chase after it.

I have learned sit, stay and down. I even wait for my foster mom to tell me I can eat. I have a lot of patience. I have learned to walk well on a leash, but that has taken a lot of practice. I love playing with my foster dog brothers. It took me a bit to get comfortable with them but I love meeting new dogs now! I love snuggling, sleeping in bed with my family and sharing toys. I have shown no aggression toward other dogs or humans. I’ll even share my food if you’re nice.

I’m up to date on my shots and neutered and ready to meet my forever family!


4.5 year old male


2 year old female

Meet Molly! Molly is 2 years old. She will require a fence and an owner who lives within close proximity to Shelby County Ky. so the new owner will be able to make many visits to get to know her before an adoption will occur.

She is an amazing and loveable dog but was unfortunately from a previous abusive situation. She will take lots of love and patience.

She is good with other dogs and children. Never around cats.

Hey friends!  My name is Jack and I loves life. I am 10 months old and according to my foster mom, I’m the best boy.  Best guess is I am a Labradane, because I have a black lab head on a total Great Dane body.  And my mannerisms are 100% Great Dane. I am already 94 pounds, so I will be a big boy.  

I LOVE all dogs, cats, kids and I even sneak into the chicken coop sometimes.  I will steal their food, but I would never hurt them.  I like to play hard for about 15 minutes twice a day and then I mostly want to nap.  I had bad fleas when I first came to the rescue, but those are long gone and my hair is all back.  I am a chill submissive boy, but not a fraidy cat.      

I know to do my bathrooming outside and I will hold it a long time…housetraining was easy for me.  I don’t destroy things like most pups my age, and I love to please my humans.  I am not the quickest student on training, but I try hard and once I learn something, I have it and it makes me so happy to do my tricks!  I know sit and am working on down and stay, and I walk very nicely on a plain collar without pulling.  

I love snacks, car rides and snuggling. I would do best in a home with other pets (cats, dogs or anything else) and could definitely be a therapy dog someday with continued training and exposure to things.  I love to learn and see things! I am UTD on vaccinations & neutered. I can’t wait to have my very own forever family!


10 month old male

Not Yet Ready for Adoption

These dogs are currently in foster homes but are not yet ready for adoption. Danes may not be ready for a variety of reasons: they may be new to the rescue and we are getting to know their personalities, they may be awaiting medical care (including spay/neuter or vaccinations), or they may be in a foster-to-adopt home in which their current foster is planning to adopt them. We will update the website with their bio as soon as they are ready for adoption, so check back soon.

Not ready to adopt? Learn about fostering.


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