Adoptable Danes

KGDR Danes live in loving foster homes until they find a family of their own. Please read our Adoption Info before applying.

PLEASE NOTE: You may apply for adoption at any time, regardless of dog availability, to ensure that you are approved ahead of time.

We process applications in the order they are received and cannot guarantee that a dog will still be up for adoption once your application is approved.


3 years & 9 months old female
Great Dane/Catahoula Leopard mix

Storm is almost 4 years old and a Great Dane/Catahoula Leopard Dog mix. She is fairly high energy but loves to sit and get plenty of pets! She gets along with dogs and cats and she loves to play chase with her foster dog siblings!

Storm would rather avoid the crate and good news, she has not had any destructive tendencies in her foster home! She also enjoys going on car rides.

Storm can be a bit clumsy, not knowing her size. She can sometimes knock small children over, but otherwise does well with dog-respectful children. She is a quick learner!

She is up-to-date on her vaccinations, spayed and negative for heartworms and other parasites. Her adoption fee is $250.

Meet Diesel! He is almost 3 years old and one of the most unique dogs in our rescue.

Diesel had a rough start in life by growing up in deplorable conditions, and due to his past traumas, he didn’t learn how to be a dog and became extremely fearful of humans. Currently being our longest resident in the rescue (over a year), his foster parents have observed he loves big and small dogs but still extremely fearful of humans.

Diesel will need a family who can be very patient, because he has a variety of traits that do not allow him to be treated like a regular dog. Below are a few examples:

  • Diesel needs a completely enclosed privacy fence (6 ft), since he will look to escape.
  • He can’t be crated due to past trauma and will need a spot in the home that he can call his own.
  • Diesel has been minimally destructive such as chewing on shoes left on the floor, remotes, etc. when he gets bored, so his foster family gives him lots of toys to keep him busy as well as letting him run around in the backyard before leaving the home.
  • Diesel does not enjoy being outside besides using the restroom and will quickly dart back inside once you open the door. He will bark and bark until you allow him to come back inside, and he is most at ease when he is laying on his kuranda bed (safe area.)

Even with all of his fearful traits, Diesel will allow anyone to pet / love on him with zero signs of aggression. Also, after being in his foster home for a year, he has learned to play some with his dog sibling and mimics her ways such as looking out the front window, barking at strangers passing the house, chewing on a dental stick, etc.

Diesel is a very sweet dog and deserves a loving home who will accept his special needs and be patient with him. Applicants will need to travel to Mount Washington, KY to meet Diesel.

He is neutered, UTD on vaccinations, heartworm negative and fecal negative.


2 years & 10 months old male Great Dane mix

Ellie May

1 year and 5 months old female

Ellie May is a total sweetheart! She can be a bit shy at first, but she loves pets and lovings from her people. Ellie’s favorite thing is to play with her foster dog brothers in the yard!

She is crate trained and house trained. She is getting used to riding in the car and has made great strides so far! She would do great with a family and kid friendly, but she would need to meet kids to ensure everyone gets along.

She is up-to-date on her vaccinations, heartworm negative, fecal tests are negative, spayed and gastropexied. Her adoption fee is $400.

Meet Leigh! She is a very playful girl as well as a smart pup. She has learned to sit and has been working on her down and stay. She needs more work on a leash as she pulls. She is food motivated, so training with treats will improve her learning to not pull on a leash and other basic commands.

She likes to be snuggled, but she also needs lots of play time. She enjoys playing with other dogs a lot and can play a little rough. Since she does play rough, she would be better suited with medium to large dogs instead of small dogs. She isn’t aggressive, just rough. She has gained some weight, but because of how active she is, she needs to gain a bit more. 

Leigh is crate trained and housebroken. She hasn’t been tested with kids or cats, and we would recommend both are done before going to a house with either. She does like to hug people which I know a lot of people don’t like/want from a Dane, but this can be trained if you do not want her to do it. She is a small Dane weighing right around 90 lbs.

Overall, she is a very sweet and playful dog and would do great in an active home. Leigh is up-to-date on her vaccines, heartworm negative, fecal negative and has been spayed.


1 year & 3 months old female

Not Yet Ready for Adoption

These dogs are currently in foster homes but are not yet ready for adoption. Danes may not be ready for a variety of reasons: they may be new to the rescue and we are getting to know their personalities, they may be awaiting medical care (including spay/neuter or vaccinations), or they may be in a foster-to-adopt home in which their current foster is planning to adopt them. We will update the website with their bio as soon as they are ready for adoption, so check back soon.

Not ready to adopt? Learn about fostering.


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