Adoptable Danes

KGDR Danes live in loving foster homes until they find a family of their own. Please read our Adoption Info before applying.

PLEASE NOTE: You may apply for adoption at any time, regardless of dog availability, to ensure that you are approved ahead of time.

We process applications in the order they are received and cannot guarantee that a dog will still be up for adoption once your application is approved.


5 month old male
Great Dane/Lab mix

Meet Arlo! He is a 5 month old Great Dane/Lab mix and a playful boy! He does well on a leash and is picking up on the “potty” command well. Crate is still a work in progress.

Arlo still needs his remaining vaccines before adoption, and the rescue will work with the adopters for Arlo’s neuter when he is an appropriate age.

Meet Ace! He is a 5 month old Great Dane/Lab mix and a playful boy! He loves to hoard all the toys, very smart and is fearless against his foster dog sibling who is a large adult Great Dane.

Ace still needs his remaining vaccines before adoption, and the rescue will work with the adopters for Ace’s neuter when he is an appropriate age.


5 month old male
Great Dane/Lab mix


5 month old male
Great Dane/Lab mix

Meet Aero! He is a 5 month old Great Dane/Lab mix and such a sweet boy! He is a cuddle bug, loves his people, and passive to other dogs.

Aero still needs his remaining vaccines before adoption, and the rescue will work with the adopters for Aero’s neuter when he is an appropriate age.

This is Mac! A handsome 4 year & 9 month old boy who doesn’t know his true size. He’s got the Dane lean down pat, knows most basic commands and is great in a kennel, although he will shred his blankets.

He can be picky about how he is touched and with certain people, so he needs a home with those who can respect his space. He does love to curl up on the couch while his foster mom reads and never turns down an opportunity for a nap.

He does have some anxieties during thunderstorms and construction. He likes to express his bark and look out windows and will do anything to make his people happy. He does well with other dogs – he loves to play with his male dog sibling and doesn’t bother his cat sibling or other small animals.

He’s a sweet, sweet boy who wants to be right there with his people all of the time.

Mac is up-to-date on vaccinations, negative for parasites and heartworms, neutered and had a gastropexy done.


4 year & 9-month-old male
Great Dane


8 month old female Great Dane

Maybelle is a fun loving, energetic 8-month-old Dane pup. She is incredibly sweet and affectionate, and she wants to be with her person as much as possible. Maybelle came to us due to having fairly severe separation anxiety. Since being with us, we feel she has made significant strides with her anxiety!

She loves long walks and running in fields. She’ll explore for a minute, but she always comes back and checks in with her owner. But more than anything, she just loves spending time with her person.

She does well with other dogs and cats, but she would do better with older children because of her energy level. Maybelle will benefit from a home where she gets plenty of attention but also has consistency. She would also benefit from training as she is still a puppy and has that puppy excitement!

Maybelle is being spayed and having a gastropexy done this week and is up-to-date on her vaccinations and negative for heartworms and parasites.

Meet Emma! She is 1 year and 3 months old and is very good natured, sweet girl. She wants to be where her people are and loves to lean into some good pets and scratches. Emma enjoys a nice walk, but even more, she enjoys a good run, especially with her foster dog brother.

She is sweet to kids of all ages, but she doesn’t know where her body is, so she would do best with older children or no children as she knocks down little ones. She does well with a cat that will stand up to her, but she will chase others, so she would do best in a home without cats.

Emma needs a family that will teach her boundaries and basic commands. She is treat driven and wants to please, so with some time, she should be able to learn. She does have anxiety and needs someone that can teach her to be a confident dog. She is still very much a puppy and can have some destructive tendencies.

She is potty trained and crate trained, although the crate is a part of her anxiety and will need some confidence-building with that. She would do best with an active family, but one who has someone home most of the time.

Emma is up-to-date on vaccinations, heartworm negative, spayed and had a gastropexy.


1 year & 3 month old female Great Dane


3 year old female Great Dane

UPDATE: Pending adoption

Meet Delilah! She is 3 years old and just wants some love and affection more than anything else! She will easily bond with the person/people that feed, walk, and love on her. She is a velcro dog and will follow you room to room and watch your every move. Delilah has no idea what privacy is and will most likely not willingly give you any!

She loves all squeaky toys, anything and everything soft, long walks, and any kind of treat. Delilah is housebroken, although she may have an accident if she is overly excited or hasn’t been out for a while. Delilah would love to have a fenced in backyard to play in as she tends to follow her nose and can wander off. If no fence is available, then Delilah would need to be leash walked until she has had proper training to learn her boundaries. Delilah could also benefit from training to work on basic manners as well. She has learned sit in her foster home, but basic commands such as ‘stay’, ‘off’, or ‘no’, still need some work. Delilah is highly treat motivated though and loves to please her people, so even though she is stubborn, she is highly capable of learning!

Delilah is also crate trained and will sleep in her crate at night if it is in a room with her people. She is not destructive and has done very well with not chewing anything while in her foster home. Delilah is a very sweet girl who just needs someone that can be patient with her and give her lots of love. It is currently not known how Delilah would do with cats, but she does like to chase small wildlife, so she may try and chase a cat. If there are any other dogs in the home, Delilah would need to meet them first.

She is up-to-date on vaccinations, negative for heartworms & parasites, spayed and had a gastropexy done.

Meet Nola Jean! Nola is 4 years old and is an active, playful girl! She is looking for a family who enjoys going for walks, playing tug of war and giving her lots of pets and attention. She will follow you all around the house and can get excited when she first sees you, so she may try to jump up on you. But don’t worry – you can tell her “No – down” and she listens.

Due to her past, she is working through separation anxiety in the crate, and her foster family has been working with her. She will bark and drool but no accidents. She has been getting better and will need to continue her crate training, so she understands it is a safe spot for her.

Nola is different than most female Great Danes – she has the strength and size as a male Great Dane, so she will need a family who has is a strong handler and able to continue her training. When she first came into the rescue, she was food aggressive, but now, she knows how to sit, lay down and hold for her food until her foster family tells her okay to eat. We still recommend feeding Nola separate from other animals since she is still working on her training. She can take treats with other animals nearby.

She also does well with older children (10 years old and above). Her foster human teenager at her home is able to walk Nola with a prong collar as well as the younger female daughter can give her lots of pets and snuggles on the couch. We recommend no children under 10 years old due to Nola knocking them over or playing too rough.

Nola gets along with other dogs and we think she would do best in a home with another medium to large size dog, so she has a playmate. She has not been cat tested, but we believe she is curious and will chase a cat if she sees one. Nola is housetrained and will let you know when she needs to go outside.

Overall, Nola is a wonderful dog that needs a family that will continue her training, able to play / go for walks to burn off some energy and enjoy snuggling on the couch together. She is spayed, UTD on vaccinations, and negative for heartworm.

Nola Jean

4 year old female Great Dane


3 year & 8 month old male Great Dane

Meet Magnus! He is a 3 year & 8 month old Cuddle Bug! He will spend all day in your lap, on the couch/bed, or at your feet. As long as he is close to you, he’s happy. He enjoys being outside. A big fenced in yard is recommended. He loves to play ball, inside or out. He will toss it for himself, but does enjoy playing fetch as well. He loves cat toys of all sizes but not really interested in dog toys. He’s scared of his own shadow, thunderstorms and the dark!

Magnus is VERY protective of his person. He isn’t really interested in sharing but with muzzled introductions, he can be convinced life is ok with more than one human. But he does vocalize his opinions. Because of this, children under 12 are not recommended.

He really likes to chase cats, squirrels and anything else! He is not fully crate trained. With lots of encouragement and a few treats, he is will go inside the crate but learning to stay is a work in progress. He is house trained and uses his paws as indication it’s time to go out. He is male dog aggressive, so no male dogs can be in the home. He does fine with female dogs.

Magnus would do best in a very quiet home with his human willing to go for daily walks and lots of cuddling. He is up-to-date on vaccinations and will be neutered / gastropexied very soon!


1 year old male Great Dane

UPDATE: Pending adoption

Otis is an active 1 year old Dane puppy! His favorite toy is a ball or about anything with stuffing. He is crate and house trained, but can be a bit stubborn about making his way into the crate if he still wants to be out playing.

Otis loves playing with other dogs, but he can be a bit rough as he likes to jump and does not know his size. He does well with cats but can chase them if they run; life’s a game to him! Because of his size and energy level, Otis would do best in a home with teen children or no children at all. He has a history of growling at strangers, but does well with women. He would do best in an active home with someone willing to work on his training.

Otis is fully vaccinated and up-to-date on flea/tick and heartworm preventions. He will still need to be neutered and gastropexy after his adoption. His adoption fee is $400.

UPDATE: Pending adoption

Storm is 4 years old and a Great Dane/Catahoula Leopard Dog mix. She is fairly high energy but loves to sit and get plenty of pets! She gets along with dogs and cats and she loves to play chase with her foster dog siblings!

Storm would rather avoid the crate and good news, she has not had any destructive tendencies in her foster home! She also enjoys going on car rides.

Storm can be a bit clumsy, not knowing her size. She can sometimes knock small children over, but otherwise does well with dog-respectful children. She is a quick learner!

She is up-to-date on her vaccinations, spayed and negative for heartworms and other parasites.


4 years old female
Great Dane/Catahoula Leopard mix


3 year old male Great Dane mix

Meet Diesel! He is 3 years old and one of the most unique dogs in our rescue.

Diesel had a rough start in life by growing up in deplorable conditions, and due to his past traumas, he didn’t learn how to be a dog and became extremely fearful of humans. Currently being our longest resident in the rescue (over a year), his foster parents have observed he loves big and small dogs but still extremely fearful of humans.

Diesel will need a family who can be very patient, because he has a variety of traits that do not allow him to be treated like a regular dog. Below are a few examples:

  • Diesel needs a completely enclosed privacy fence (6 ft), since he will look to escape.
  • He can’t be crated due to past trauma and will need a spot in the home that he can call his own.
  • Diesel has been minimally destructive such as chewing on shoes left on the floor, remotes, etc. when he gets bored, so his foster family gives him lots of toys to keep him busy as well as letting him run around in the backyard before leaving the home.
  • Diesel does not enjoy being outside besides using the restroom and will quickly dart back inside once you open the door. He will bark and bark until you allow him to come back inside, and he is most at ease when he is laying on his kuranda bed (safe area.)

Even with all of his fearful traits, Diesel will allow anyone to pet / love on him with zero signs of aggression. Also, after being in his foster home for a year, he has learned to play some with his dog sibling and mimics her ways such as looking out the front window, barking at strangers passing the house, chewing on a dental stick, etc.

Diesel is a very sweet dog and deserves a loving home who will accept his special needs and be patient with him. Applicants will need to travel to Mount Washington, KY to meet Diesel.

He is neutered, UTD on vaccinations, heartworm negative and fecal negative.

Not Yet Ready for Adoption

These dogs are currently in foster homes but are not yet ready for adoption. Danes may not be ready for a variety of reasons: they may be new to the rescue and we are getting to know their personalities, they may be awaiting medical care (including spay/neuter or vaccinations), or they may be in a foster-to-adopt home in which their current foster is planning to adopt them. We will update the website with their bio as soon as they are ready for adoption, so check back soon.

Not ready to adopt? Learn about fostering.


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