Adoptable Danes

KGDR Danes live in loving foster homes until they find a family of their own. Please read our Adoption Info before applying.

PLEASE NOTE: You may apply for adoption at any time, regardless of dog availability, to ensure that you are approved ahead of time.

We process applications in the order they are received and cannot guarantee that a dog will still be up for adoption once your application is approved.

Bo Jackson

10 month old Great Dane

Bo Jackson is an 10 month old Great Dane who is officially available for adoption! Bo Jack had hit a rough patch when he first came into KGDR. He was diagnosed with hypertrophic osteodystrophy (HOD) and had to be started on steroids. Thankfully, he has responded very well to his treatment and he’s feeling much more like a puppy!

Bo Jack loves to play with his foster siblings and toys! He does tire a bit faster than the typical Dane pup, but he doesn’t let his slight gimp slow him down! He is somewhat smaller than a Dane would normally be at this age, but he’s trying to catch up!

Although Bo Jack’s HOD is well-managed right now, he will likely have lasting effects to his joints. His growth will be stunted, but we cannot say right now by how much. He gets around well overall but will need to stay on a joint supplement for the rest of his life.

This sweet fella loves anyone and anything he meets! He loves to be with you and has good recall for a nosey pup. He is mostly house and crate trained, the steroids have put a small damper on this progress but hoping it improves once he stops them.

Bo Jackson has had his vaccinations and negative for parasites, heartworms, and tick-borne diseases. Also, due to age and delayed growth, he will not be neutered before adoption. The rescue will work with the adopters and reimburse up to $200 for a scheduled neuter once Bo Jackson reaches an appropriate age. His adoption fee is $500.

Meet Rue! She is 4 years and 7-month-old and a beautiful girl! She is well mannered and very laid back. She gets along famously with other dogs, large and small and has done well around all kinds of people, adults and kids. But she is not a fan of cats, so she would do best in a home with no cats.

She is house broken and does not need a crate – she does great when she is left out. She loves to snuggle and could spend all day being petted. The only thing about Rue is she is loves food, so we recommend not leaving food out. She will help herself to any tasty snacks that she can reach.

Rue also loves being outdoors and could sun bathe for hours! She would love a home with a fence or a home that enjoys going outdoors for walks or sitting outside.

Rue is up-to-date on vaccinations, negative for parasites and heartworms, and spayed.


4 year & 7 month female Great Dane


1. 5 year old male Great Dane

Otis is a 1.5-year-old Dane who is full of life! He loves to play with his humans and foster brothers. His energy level would do best with an active family. He is house and crate trained.

Otis just completed a board and train program where he worked on his manners. Even after adoption, he will be able to continue his professional training program virtually. Otis would do best in a home with no small children or cats. His desire to play can cause him to unintentionally knock children over and can turn into chasing a cat for fun.

He has not shown any aggression with other animals but can take a minute to warm up to new people. His new family preferably has experience with Danes or other giant breeds.

He will be neutered and have a gastropexy prior to adoption. He is updated on vaccines and flea/tick/heartworm prevention. He has also been microchipped.

Meet MJ, or Maggie Jeff as she has become known in her foster’s household, has been her foster’s favorite Dane so far! She is one year old and a sweet, lovable girl! Maggie loves to play with other dogs, kids, toys, entertain herself in the yard and wrestle (with people and other big dogs). She has been great with the foster’s 3 kids (11 – 14 in age), and she has been good around other small children.

Maggie has done great in large groups – Barkapalooza at Westport Village, Easter family get together, etc. She has been wonderful with other dogs and is very interested in the foster’s cat (unfortunately, the feeling is not mutual, so they do not interact much). She likes walks and does pretty good on a leash, but she does get distracted by all the ‘smells.’

In the house, she is wonderful when we are home. She stays around her humans quite a bit, but she also enjoys some quiet time laying out in the fenced yard – sometimes she will do that for over an hour. She has had some accidents while her foster parents are gone, but they are lessening and we feel they are more anxiety related and have (and will) get better over time.

Overall, she has been so loveable, our favorite Dane foster, and she will make some family a wonderful companion and lifelong friend – hopefully in a work-from-home type family where there is usually someone home.

MJ is spayed, had a gastropexy done, vaccinated, negative for heartworms and other parasites. Her adoption fee is $500.


1 year old female Great Dane


2 year old male Great Dane

Maverick is a 2-year-old white merle and is deaf but that just adds to his extra special personality! He weighs in around 110 pounds, and he has lots of love to give to the people he knows / is comfortable with and is exuberant with drive-by kisses and cuddles. Even though he is deaf, he knows several commands (sit, down, come, paw), is housebroken and never leaves your side when out and about. Don’t let him being deaf deter you from adopting – he is in a home with a foster family who is new to fostering a deaf dog and doing great!

He is high energy and loves to play tug; an active household would be great for him. He will melt your heart with his “under the blanket” snuggles and will make you laugh with random barking to get your attention. He loves to be near his humans and is what we consider a velcro dog; he does not like to have his human out of his area / sight line. Maverick is crate trained, but he will bark when he is in the crate.

Being deaf, he does startle easily, so his furever home will need to be very patient with him and introductions to anything will need to be slow. For that reason, we do not recommend children of any age. He does ok with other dogs, but his energy level can sometimes run high; other dogs in the home should also love to play rough. Maverick has been very respectful to his foster’s equine, cattle and chickens, and he has not paid attention to his foster’s cat.

Maverick is neutered, up-to-date on vaccinations, and negative for heartworms & parasites. His adoption fee is $400.

Meet Magnus! He is a 3 year & 9 month old Cuddle Bug! He will spend all day in your lap, on the couch/bed, or at your feet. As long as he is close to you, he’s happy. He enjoys being outside. A big fenced in yard is recommended. He loves to play ball, inside or out. He will toss it for himself, but does enjoy playing fetch as well. He loves cat toys of all sizes but not really interested in dog toys. He’s scared of his own shadow, thunderstorms and the dark!

Magnus is VERY protective of his person. He isn’t really interested in sharing but with muzzled introductions, he can be convinced life is ok with more than one human. But he does vocalize his opinions. Because of this, children under 12 are not recommended.

He really likes to chase cats, squirrels and anything else! He is not fully crate trained. With lots of encouragement and a few treats, he is will go inside the crate but learning to stay is a work in progress. He is house trained and uses his paws as indication it’s time to go out. He is male dog aggressive, so no male dogs can be in the home. He does fine with female dogs.

Magnus would do best in a very quiet home with his human willing to go for daily walks and lots of cuddling. He is up-to-date on vaccinations, negative for heartworms & parasites, neutered and had a gastropexy.


3 year & 9 month old
male Great Dane

Meet Diesel! He is 3 years and 6 months old and one of the most unique dogs in our rescue.

Diesel had a rough start in life by growing up in deplorable conditions, and due to his past traumas, he didn’t learn how to be a dog and became extremely fearful of humans. Currently being our longest resident in the rescue (over 2 years), his foster parents have observed he loves big and small dogs but still extremely fearful of humans.

Diesel will need a family who can be very patient, because he has a variety of traits that do not allow him to be treated like a regular dog. Below are a few examples:

  • Diesel needs a completely enclosed privacy fence (6 ft) since he will look to escape.
  • He can’t be crated due to past trauma and will need a spot in the home that he can call his own.
  • Diesel has been minimally destructive such as chewing on shoes left on the floor, remotes, etc. when he gets bored, so his foster family gives him lots of toys to keep him busy as well as letting him run around in the backyard before leaving the home.
  • Diesel does not enjoy being outside besides using the restroom and will quickly dart back inside once you open the door. He will bark and bark until you allow him to come back inside, and he is most at ease when he is laying on his kuranda bed (safe area.)

Even with all of his fearful traits, Diesel will allow anyone to pet / love on him with zero signs of aggression. Also, after being in his foster home for 2 years, he has learned to play with his dog sibling and mimics her ways such as looking out the front window, barking at strangers passing the house, chewing on a dental stick, etc.

Diesel is a very sweet dog and deserves a loving home who will accept his special needs and be patient with him. Applicants will need to travel to Mount Washington, KY to meet Diesel.

He is neutered, UTD on vaccinations, heartworm negative and fecal negative.


3 years and 6 months old male Great Dane mix

Not Yet Ready for Adoption

These dogs are currently in foster homes but are not yet ready for adoption. Danes may not be ready for a variety of reasons: they may be new to the rescue and we are getting to know their personalities, they may be awaiting medical care (including spay/neuter or vaccinations), or they may be in a foster-to-adopt home in which their current foster is planning to adopt them. We will update the website with their bio as soon as they are ready for adoption, so check back soon.

Not ready to adopt? Learn about fostering.


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