The Kentucky Great Dane Rescue is ran 100% by volunteers, and our rescue does not have a facility for the dogs. All of our dogs are placed in screened, qualified foster homes across Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio & Tennessee.

Our rescue receives surrender requests constantly – some months we may receive more than others, but we are consistently receiving surrender forms for all kinds of reasons. Our first priorities are medical cases as well as animal shelter dogs, but we can only agree to help if we have available foster families ready to welcome them into their home.

We always like to tell our foster families that you are preparing our foster dogs for their forever home! You are not only helping to nourish, care for their medical needs & love them, but a good majority of our foster dogs need help with:

  • Potty training: They will have accidents & you have to give them positive reinforcement because they will learn & are looking for guidance from you.
  • Crate training: Some may have never been in a crate, but with constant training, treats & love, they will learn their crate is their safe space & where they can relax.
  • Manners training: We have Great Danes who may come with some undesirable traits like counter surfing, resource guarding, leash pulling, etc. and we are here to coach & help with fixing these traits, so they are ready to get adopted.
  • Learning to trust humans: Some of our fosters have not been socialized with humans and animals or have not been treated the best and will need time to trust/come out of their shell. We can help coach on how to approach a dog in this state and these cases, the dog could be with you for a few months until they are ready for adoption.
  • Transition period with meeting your personal pets: The dog is being put into a new environment and will need a few days to decompress. We can help guide how you introduce your personal pets to your foster & ways to continue to train to ensure everyone is happy.

When you foster with us, we provide the following items:

  • We cover all medical expenses at our designated veterinary clinics & medicine such as heartworm prevention and flea & tick medicine.
  • XXL crate with a dog bed & blankets
  • Dry food (wet food if needed) & treats
  • Food & water bowls
  • Toys
  • Collars & leashes
  • A KGDR tag for their collar
  • Shampoo & ear cleaner

What is the application process to become a foster family?

The foster application is identical to the adoption application. The applicant will have a vet check, references check, interview & a home visit. There is no fee to apply, and you can live anywhere in Kentucky, Southern Indiana, Southern parts of Ohio & Northern parts of TN. We are slowly but surely expanding as we grow!

If you have more questions, please email us at

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