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KGDR Academy


This is not a “Boot Camp” this is actual training.

It is lesson 1, and part of lesson 2 of my normal basic training curriculum, which concentrates on training for walking with loose leash, without pulling, foraging, wandering, and lunging.

We will also be introducing some techniques to help for home, and family life.

The major focus of the actual hands on training, is on incrementally teaching you, to teach your dog to walk nicely on a leash, beside you, on the left, and having the dog think it is the neatest, greatest, most wonderful place to be, where good things happen, and safety is assured.

This will be done with the expectation that participants will follow up doing daily training at home, and continue working with their dog to improve their dog.
The lesson takes place on the training field, but the human is responsible for following through, to get the big changes that only work can bring.

If anyone expects to have a miraculous epiphany, and suddenly have everything be perfect after a single session, and no further investment of time, and effort, they will be disappointed.
Dogs are built, and trained over time, whether on purpose, or inadvertently, and they are fixed over time by training properly with purpose, and direction.

That is what I want to teach the participants.

Rescues, and shelters are full of nice dogs that make bad decisions, because nobody taught them better decision.
Dogs tend to have “default decisions” based on experience telling them the default is continuously successful, and our goal is to change that by teaching better default decisions, by making the old default behaviors unsuccessful, and the new default behaviors the successful way to do things.
Dogs do what works, in their mind, and when something does not work, in their mind, they adapt, and change to what does.

We will also talk about manners, and issues around the house, and some multi-dog home issues.

Equipment needed Very basic, and simple.

Flat collar
6 foot LeashTraining collar,
Training collar
15 foot long line.

I will have quality training collars, and long lines at lower prices than the stores, or you can provide your own, they are there for you if you want to get them day of the event. You may try them out before purchasing.

Long lines, 9.00
Training collar, 9.00
Quick release training collar will be 15.00

Feel free to email me with any questions

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