Adoptable Danes babies live in loving foster homes until they find a family of their own.

Please review the Adoption Info. tab prior to applying.

SAMPSON (Adoption Pending)

Hi everybody! My name is Sampson D. Wellington and I’m about 2 years old. I was pretty famous around Shilito and Wellington Park (where I got my name) a few weeks ago. I was hanging out there without any people to love on me and feed me and I was pretty thin and scared. I’m still a little nervous around new people, but once I get used to you, I won’t want you to leave my side!

I’m a good boy and already know how to sit, lay down, and shake. I will also give you a big hug pretty much any time you want. I’m still working on putting some weight back on, but I’m a really big boy- even for a Dane. Like most big dogs, I eat a lot, but I will sit and wait for my food and will even let you wipe my mouth so I don’t make a mess.

At night, I really like to sleep next to you, but I’ll stay on the floor unless you want me in your bed. I’m house trained and will let you know when I need to go out. I’m not a fan of crates because I hate being alone. Luckily, my foster family gets to work from home right now so I always have somebody to love on me!

Since I’m so big and still a little scared, I would do best with a family with older kids (younger kids kind of freak me out- especially if they run around or scream). My foster family doesn’t have any other pets right now, so I haven’t had much experience with other fur babies lately. I would be the perfect addition to a family with lots of time to spend snuggling or taking me for walks. I would also love a fenced yard to run and play, but need close supervision since I’m big enough to hop most any fence. I’m up to date on vaccinations and neutered. Apply to adopt me here!


TUCKER (Pending Adoption) 


Tucker is a 3-year-old, 122 pound beauty! He is sweet, affectionate, curious, smart, bold, and playful . All who meet him fall in love with him. He knows lots of commands including sit, stay, down, shake, speak, leave it– he even knows “get in the bathtub!” He is patient and lets us trim his nails with a dremel, he’s great in the car, and sleeps quietly in his crate at night. He absolutely loves holding plush toys in his mouth and trotting around the house just to prove how adorable he is- as if we didn’t already know! Tucker loves being close to his humans and will make sure to follow you around the house so you never have to be alone. He also REALLY likes other dogs– a bit too much, at times. He does not realize how big he is, and might do better as an only-pet or with other large dogs/dogs that can clearly tell him when they are done playing. Tucker was around infants and children in his previous home, though I suspect he might be at risk of knocking little ones over. He is prone to “happy tail” but is pretty good about keeping his bandages on so his tail can heal.  Tucker is going to need a very special kind of home. He was heart worm positive when he entered the rescue, and is currently being treated with oral medications. His future family is going to need to be extremely diligent in keeping up with his medication regimen and vet checks. Because he is heart worm positive, he is also on an extreme exercise restriction which will need to remain in place for up to a year minimum!! It is very important that his future family be prepared to keep his heart rate down for the entire duration of treatment (i.e., no play dates with other dogs, no walks, no zoomies…).  Tucker is up to date on vaccination.


GYPSY (Pending Adoption)


Do you love great Danes but are constantly concerned about their long, whip-like tail knocking over the drink on the table, your favorite decoration or the children in your home? Are you concerned about being brought to your knees by a tail smack?
Well Gypsy is your girl!
This lovable, 103 lb, one year old, female Great Dane isn’t too big, nor too small and sports a tail amputation. She has this fabulous little nub that wiggles when she’s happy.  She is about 30 inches from floor to shoulder and LOVES to Run and play. A good size yard would benefit her greatly.  As with all young Danes, her youthful spirit needs stimulation or she may find destructive ways to deal with her boredom. So far we’ve lost only a rug. She is crate trained, leash trained and house broken. She has an excited curiosity about cats and plays well with other dogs (she has always lived with other dogs) It is recommended she be fed separately as she likes to consume all available eats and will argue with other dogs over it. She has been kid tested (5 yr old and 4mo old) and they approve!  This girl is an inside dog and needs her people. Gypsy likes to snuggle and would gladly share your bed, but don’t worry she also sleeps well in a kennel.  However, she prefers the largest one on the market. Small crates stress her out.  When Gypsy first arrived she had pretty severe separation anxiety but has made huge strides over the past several weeks. Earning her trust through routines, boundary setting, and lots of play and affection have done wonders for her.  She loves to love. Gypsy is a shadow puppy. She wants to be everywhere you are and prefers females. She is not aggressive to men but warms up quicker to women. Gypsy needs some continued work on not jumping up on people. She has only done this to adults and has never tried to jump on children. Gypsy knows commands “sit” and “shake”. She is spayed and UTD on vaccines. She is so sweet, loving and gentle. She has never expressed any aggressive behavior and has great potential for overcoming her anxiety issues if she can find someone patient enough to continue working with her.


DEXTER (Pending Adoption) 


Meet Dexter! Dexter is 2 years old. He enjoys walks around the neighborhood and does well while on a leash. He’s very inquisitive and playful. He thinks he’s a lap dog and looks for any chance to cuddle. He has been around our cat but hasn’t paid any attention to it. He can entertain himself but prefers when others play along. He wants nothing more than someone to love him and spend time with him though he can be very clingy. He is house trained and knows several basic commands. He is a great dog!  Dexter is up to date on vaccination.

MOOSE (Pending Adoption)

Hello my name is Moose! I not only reflect my name in size and stature, but I’m also a pretty lazy boy. At 3 years old, there is nothing I enjoy more than lounging across the couch and looking out the window, pretty much all day long! I’m not a total lazy bum though. I love going on walks and when you grab my leash, I’ll show you how ready I am! I do pretty well on a leash, except when I see another dog and want to go play with them. I might try to slip out of my collar & that trick earned me this harness thing my foster parents make me wear now! I’m still learning what toys are, but I love running around the backyard with my foster dog sister, Molly as well as lay on the deck and catch some sun!  I might be big, but I get pretty nervous when I meet new people, especially people wearing hats (those things are scary!) It takes a while for me to warm up to people, but once I fall in love with you, I’ll follow you everywhere you go and expect puppy massages while I lay on the couch. Since I am easily scared by people, I would prefer older children or a home with no kids. I have only been with my foster dog sister, Molly, so I don’t know how I would react to cats since I haven’t met any yet but open to meeting them!  Even though I’m 3 years old, I am learning how to be in my crate, but luckily I am a good boy and can stay out of the crate all day with no problems! I’m an easy going boy and ready to meet my forever family!  I am neutered & UTD on my vaccinations! Also, I’m not sure why but my hind legs are shaky when I lay down but that doesn’t stop me from running around the backyard & going for long walks!”  Apply to adopt Moose here!

RAIDER (Pending Adoption) 



Fun, fun, fun … that’s what you are signing up for with Raider. Raider is a 10 month old Great Dane/Pit mix puppy.  He gives the best kisses ever – you will never get enough. This sweet pup has tons of energy but often needs redirection due to his energy level and age.  Raider has gotten along very well with his foster brothers and would do best in a home with another playful pooch.  He also enjoys playing with children (it would be recommended that children be over 10 years old).  He is crate trained and housebroken. Raider has been neutered and is UTD. Apply to adopt Raider here!

  1. angala taylor

    I got the link to your web site from the ohio great dane rescue. I am looking for a young black and white male. Are the dogs listed above your only ones? I look forward to hearing from you.
    Angala taylor

    • Hi Angela
      Inky, Madison and Grayson are our only available Danes right now. Magestic Giants Great Dane Rescue has a 3 year old black male named Dave who needs a home. Thank you for choosing rescue!

      • I am looking for a great Dane for are family for anyone has one please let me know thanks and god bless you all my email is

      • Thanks for your interest, Nicole. The first step toward adopting is to fill out an application, which can be found here on our site.

      • If you guys ever get a Dane up for adoption around the 6 months of age I would be highly interested. I loved my previous Dane and would love to have another.

      • It is rare for us to have a Dane under 6 months of age, but not unheard of. I would encourage you to continue checking our “Adoptables” page or consider adopting one a little older. We get a lot of young Danes in that make very good companions.

  2. Hi! I’m Stacey. I am curious to find out the sizes (height and weight) of your current adoptable Danes – this is purely to satisfy my curiosity) I was also wondering what your adoption fees are? I work for a veterinarian in Western KY, so while I have never owned a Dane, I am very familiar with the breed. (I even have a “god dane” that belongs to one of my co-workers!)
    Thank you for your time and what you do to help these animals.

    • Hi Stacey,
      Bentley is 135 pounds. He is tall but we haven’t measured his height. Madison is 92 pounds, certainly on the smaller side for Danes. Danes age 4 and over are $250, under age 4 are $350.

  3. Emily LaBona

    How often do you get new great danes in for adoption? My husband has always wanted one. We have a small jackrussell/bassetthound female so it would be nice that the dane get along with her and also we have a two yr old son so the dane needs to be good with him as well. well thats all thanks for giving these great dogs homes mrs Emily

    • It just depends on how often a Dane needs us. The danes we take into our program are almost always friendly with other dogs, but we always do temperament assessments before placing them with adopters. A lot of care goes into making Great Danes in our program good family pets.

  4. Is there a way to submit an online application? I clicked on the above link and had to print one. I am SO in love with Bentley!

    • One of the links is a Word doc so you can download it, fill it out and attach it to an email back to us.
      Bentley has a pending adoption to finalize on Thursday. We have a young female coming in Wednesday and Madison is available.

  5. Thanks so much! I was looking to adopt a male. I will keep checking in to see!

  6. check out sissy. he is to cooooooooool

  7. I dont have a printer and i would like to fill out an app. can you come in and do all the stuff you need to. I am asking my aunt. she does not have a fenced in yard but she lives on a big farm and her son has a male dane. she sitted it for a couple months now she wants one because she absolutely fell in love with his now she wants one. it would be took great care of because she loves all animals and is a very good person to adopt. please get back with me as soon as possible. thanx.

    • We do not have a facility where the danes are kept. Download the app Word file, save it to your computer, fill it out and then email it to us.

  8. Freedom is Soooo handsome! Any idea when this big baby will be finished with his treatment & “snip”? Thanks!!

  9. Hello my name is Johnny, I am wanting a Great Dane and I have looked around quite a bit and I believe that I want to adopt one of your rescues but I want to know when Pippin is going to turn 4 and more about her? If you could get back with me that would be great thank you.

  10. Hi there! I am one of the veterinarians at County Animal Hospital that will be helping to care for some of your rescue dogs, and currently own 3 Danes. The bad news is that my oldest one, (and most beloved…but don’t tell the other 2 that!) is probably going to have to leave for The Rainbow Bridge soon due to some progressive health problems. So I may be looking for another Dane soon….I would really love another Harlequin girl, either puppy or young adult, I think. If you get one in the future, let me know, and I will talk it over with my family. In the meantime, I look forward to working with your group and your GREAT Danes!
    -Dr. Ann Will

    • Hi Ann! Im sorry to say your comment somehow escaped our notice so we just saw this. We would love to help you find a dane for your family. There are no harlequins in our program right now, but please check back often.


  11. Keyana Polly-Stewart

    My husband and I are eager to adopt a Great Dane into our home, and Titan is one boy that is hard to look past! Is he still in need of a home?

  12. Im interested in tego and in not able to upload the form can you please call me to see how we can get this worked out thank you crystal 270-313-9535

  13. I currently have a female dane named Britta she is a loveable clown right now since she is only a year old. When looking for a new dog we chose a Dane based on research we did looking for a large dog. We have absolutely fallen in love with the breed and are possibly looking to adopt a playmate for our youngest family member :). Britta has seperation anxiety right now and we are currently working to hopefully correct or make this more managable and was wondering if a playmate would help this situation. I wanted to consult someone very familiar with the breed and found you site. Your opinion would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hello Trista! Happy to hear you are considering rescue. We never recommend getting a new pet for a pet. Danes are much more attached to their people than they typically are to each other. As for a dane helping another overcome anxiety, it is possible but very rare. It would take a very smart, emotionally stable, and well-trained GD to accomplish that. Have you tried a Thundershirt? Crating and thundershirts are the best places to start when dealing with separation anxiety in a GD. Please feel free to continue the conversation. Have a wonderful evening!

  14. Do you have female pups for sale? We are wanting a young female Dane.

  15. Can you tell me if you still have Kunu?? I seen him on petfinder, but he isn’t listed here.

  16. I was wondering how to become a foster caregiver for KGSR? Is there an application I can download and email back?

    • Hi Karen! We are only as effective as our fosters so we are always looking for Great Dane people to open their homes to a foster Dane. Fostering time is usually between 3 weeks and 2 months, depending on the dog and the medical needs.
      Our foster application is under the “Get Involved” tab in the website menu. We will look forward to getting to know you soon!

  17. Hi, I was wondering if you have any great dane puppies available for adoption?

  18. Is Rugby your only Dane to be adopted right now? I have always wanted a Great Dane but I also have another big dog at home and need a female, who will get along with another female. Thanks so much!

  19. Hello, I have seen “Bing” on Petfinder, but I do not see him on this site. Has he been adopted? He seems just perfect.

  20. Randy Thompson

    Hello! My wife and I just came across your site in our search for a dane for our family. We live in Georgia, in the Atlanta area. Would it still be possible to adopt from your agency? We would obviously be willing to make the trip ourselves. Thanks

    • Hi Randy! Thank you for asking about KGDR. We do adopt out of state as long as we can find a dependable rescue or Dane owner to do your home visit. You would in fact need to drive here to adopt if you are approved. We do not mass transport. Let us know if you have any questions about your application! 859-312-0058

  21. Was wondering about Wellington and Madi, if taken together is it one adoption fee or two? They need to go together where ever they go given they’ve always been together.

    • Their adoption fee is $400 together. These 2 are as cute as can be. If Wells gets a treat first he drops it in front of Madi and then waits for another one as if he’s worried she wont get one. They both leave a little bit of food in their bowls at the end of a meal and then switch bowls. They love each other so strongly and we could not bare to separate them.

  22. Ashley Epperson

    I live in Somerset, KY and am very interested in this gorgeous breed. I was diverted here from the agency in Ohio. I am primarily looking for a puppy, so that he or she may grow up around the pets we currently have. Any suggestions?

  23. Kristen Crowe

    Are these Danes currentley available?

  24. I stubbled on your site while looking on line for great Danes. I was shocked when I seen you where here in Kentucky. We are gonna be looking for a great Dane in the future. Could you please leave me a way to contact you.

  25. We are very interesting in adopting a Great Dane. Do you have any dogs younger dogs? Do you have any adoption events where we could come and play with the dogs and get to know them?

  26. Hi – do you only adopt in your immediate area? I’m in Maryland and love Leo!

    • We will if we can find a trustworthy person to do the home visit and as long as you plan to come here to pick him up. We do not mass transport our Danes.

  27. lacey deardorff

    I am interested in adopting Ellie Mae. I have raised and trained dogs all through my life. My brother trained labs for hunting.We have a golden retriever “Bailey” she is getting too old to look out for us. She listens by voice comands and point. I ponit to garage she goes right in. Its a pretty big “dog house”. She has the biggest room in the house. A doggy door into the house and one to backyard. (She is incontinent now that she is older). Ellie can come in and out as she pleases.
    I need someone else to hear and her sixth sense.
    I have 4 kids and we are by ourselves. I have wanted a Dane for a long time. I know they are big sweethearts but need to be well trained. I stay home all thru the week so she would always be with her family. My youngest daughter has had eye surgery and can only see out of her dominant eye. Ellie Mae will fit right in with us.
    We are always playing outside or just cuddled up for a movie. But we are always together. We have a huge back yard. 8 ft privacy fence at the end of a cul–de-sac. If you could send the link to appy for her that would be great. We don’t mind waiting for her. 931-494-1052

  28. Is Ziggy still available for adoption?

  29. What is a definition of indoor pet…my dane slept inside and was indoors at all times except for work hours…I considered my dane an indoor pet.

    • We define an indoor pet as one who goes outside for potty breaks, walks and play time. Our danes are indoors in a crate or with free roaming of the house while we are gone. Great question! Thank you!

  30. We just recently had to send our 10 year old great dane to heaven. We absolutely love this breed and would like to rescue. We are in Indiana and have 2 small children. We also have a very sweet 6 year old goldendoodle and a cat. We have a fenced in yard and I am a stay at home mom. Which of the adoptable danes would you recommend I apply for. I am trying to find the most trustworthy dane with young children. We are very happy to add to our family. Thanks!

    • Hi Annie
      I’m sorry to hear you lost your dane. Its a terrible experience. Brie is good with everybody and we have a new 1 year old boy we just got today who loves everybody too. He plays a little rough and is very big so the size of your kids may be a factor. He is deaf. Brie is the harlequin female. Its wonderful to hear that you want a good fit for your family! Thank you for choosing rescue! – Terra

  31. My friend is looking for a young Dane, if there are any out there please let me know! Thank you so much!

  32. Hi, do you have any adoptable Danes at this time? I didnt see any come up when I clicked the Adoptable Danes button. Thank you 🙂

  33. Wanting to see what Danes you had for adoption

  34. I am interested in fostering. We live in Nicholasville, KY. We have a twelve year old son and a two yr old maltese.

  35. Was viewing your adoptable dane rescues. Have a 4 year old blue myself. Would love to volunteer or help your group. Woul appreciate if someone could contact me. Thanks. Michele Nelson. Georgetown ky

  36. I am looking to adopt a Great Dane in about 2-3 years. So I would like some information about the height of the fence. I am current in school for my masters degree and upon graduation, when I’ll be home more, I’ll be fencing in the yard. Any information you could give me in advance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  37. I have tried to fill out an application but the file won’t download! How do I do this??

  38. Do you ever adopt out of state? I sent an email about a week ago on Bo but never received a response.

  39. What steps need to be taken to complete a home visit?

    • When we have your application, we will call your references and then schedule a home visit where one of our volunteers will bring their great dane to visit your home and look for your qualifications. The size of a home is not important.

  40. Hello, I am looking into adopting a Great Dane but have a few reservations as I have never owned one before. I have 3 children, 2 of which are autistic and completly nonverbal. My main concern is that a dog would hurt them because they do not understand “easy touch” at all times. So, that puts small breeds out of the picture completly. I would need a dog that is sensitive to their needs. I purchased an Old English Sheepdog and sent him to Louisville for training and unortunatly his hearding instinct was so strong in him he hurt my youngest child. I understand that he was just trying to stop him but my child did look like he had been mauled awfterwards. That dog was vey “alpha male” “leader” also. So, my question is this: Is the Great Dane a good or right breed for my children? My oldest son LOVES dogs. However, we cannot let him play with them as he wants to hug and pet and lay half on them and he weighs about 190lbs. But it never fails everytime he sees a dog he will say doggie and immediatly sit down and reach for them. I need help and information to find out if this breed of dog is gentle and/or sensitive enough to understand my children yet big enough to handle them.

    • Hi Lynn
      While most great danes are patient, they can do a lot of damage when pushed to their limits physically. And a lot of damage can be done to their stomaches if they are sat on. Every dog, regardless of breed, has a “breaking point” where they just can’t tolerate any more. Danes even with the best intentions are famous for knocking kids over. Have you considered labs? They are notoriously the most easy going.

  41. Would like a great Dane that you would allow me to have at a apt complex. Ok with the apt rules. I have raised my daughters greatdane from a puppy untill she was 3 years old. My daughter graduated and moved to Maryland. I miss my grand dog Athena so much. That’s why I want another one. I would like he or she to be house broken and walk on a leash. Don’t care what color or sex. Thank you for your love for The Gentle Giants. Peggy gatewood. 502-500-3794.

    • Hello! I believe I met you and Athena at a Louisville event in 2012. Please fill out an application and we will talk about a dane who would be a good match for you. Thank you for choosing rescue!

  42. any chance you have begun to adopt out to the area of Paducah ky?

  43. Wish has the cutiest pink nose. She has a pretty smile and doesn’t seem to be camera shy. We would like to know more about her. We love Great Danes. We currently have a 4 yr old named Paislee. We are looking for her a best friend to hang out with. Wish maybe the companion she needs and her new mommy would be my 10 yr old daughter. Please tell us all you know about Wish and send more pictures. We could very well be her forever family and she could be the WISH my daughter has been looking for. Thank You give WISH a hug for us.

  44. Live in morgantown, ky Could we adopt from here?

  45. Hello, first I want to say thank you to all of you that do what you do for this wonderful breed, you guys are awesome. I absolutely love the breed and have owned two that I bought from a breeder when they were eight weeks old, my oldest hog gave us 12 wonderful, fun loving, hair pulling at times years and chopper unfortunately was only with us for nine before he got cancer.. I want nothing more than to give a Dane in need a wonderful home versus buying from a breeder again, I am not against it but there’s just so many that are in need, but we are military. So my question is will you or do you consider adopting to military? I’ve heard before that we (military people) cannot adopt from rescues bc they feel we contribute a lot to the population of homeless animals. We meet criteria and we’re experienced Dane owners but my husband is active army.. Is that an automatic disqualification?

    • We do have a policy that prevents us from adopting to active military, but not for the reasons you listed. There are a lot of breeders on bases, but our reason is simply that it is unsafe for a Dane to travel across country or across oceans to a new home when you are transferred. It is very stressful for them and very expensive for the owner. Most active military choose to rehome when they are faced with the expense of moving a Dane. We greatly appreciate your service and I mean that truly.

  46. I’m falling in love with Holly every time I look at her picture….do you think she would be suited for us with the information I have you….I am so excited!!!!!

  47. I spent about 5 hours researching where to adopt a Great Dane in Kentucky and there seems to be a huge need to find them homes for life. Is there a place in ky? I am a well qualified person to adopt per your application, however it disappeared before I even sent it. I am very frustrated when I see all these dogs and I could and want to adopt one but I don’t want to refill the long application process again if no dogs are available close to my area which is paducal ky 42003. I have always had pets, 57, own my home and my pets are my babies, this process has been very frustrating, I looked at over 500 danes on pet finders in surrounding states but not one for ky, can you just tell me if you know of any near me. My son has Great Dane and I really would like to adopt instead if buying one, especially seeing so so many of them that needs a good home.

  48. Has Judo been adopted?

  49. Has Wish been tested with cats? My husband and I are very seriously interested in taking in a Great Dane, but we do have cats.

  50. Hi! Are Zane and Wish the only pups available for adoption right now? Thanks!

  51. Is Wish still available?

  52. I am integrated in adopting a sweet Dane. Can u please send me an app and let me know which ones are available? My husband and I have no kids at home but needs to be friendly with small dogs. Our kids are 19 & 22 and away in college/military. We live in eastern ky and have plenty of space for him or her to play but would be kept inside.
    Please email me when you can.

    • The adoption application is available as an online form in the Adoption Info page as well as on the Adoptable Danes page. Thank you for your interest!

  53. I just filled out an application! I am interested in Wish. I have a 7yr old Great Dane and thin she would be perfect for Wish. I am glad to see she has been around cats. Zoe grew up with mine so they are used to dogs.
    Thanks for considering us!!

  54. I am very intetested in Zane and Clover both. We have a 14 month old Irish Wolfhound Lab mix and we are looking for a companion for her. Please contact me with more info on both. We live in Louisville.

    • Zane has been with us the longest. As a mix, we don’t get a lot of interest in him. He’s very sweet and playful. High energy that needs reminding of his manners. He wants to mouth your arm to be let outside, but correcting him works to stop that. They are both Happy-go-lucky boys with a lot of energy and playfullness

  55. Hi I was wanting some more info on clover

    • Clover is a doll baby! Very smart and takes correction well. He is young and full of energy so it will be a couple years before he only wants to hold the couch down, but he gets along with everybody! Too much energy for small kids, but kids over 8 would be fine.

  56. I just fell in love with Sela! How do you think Sela would do with a very friendly teacup Chihuahua and 2 kids? I have a soon to be 4 yr old and a 1 yr old. My husband has had 2 danes and now we are ready to have one join our family!

  57. Interested in sela. We have a Dane her age already our is a blue female as well

  58. Raymond Jaggers

    Hi my name is Raymond and I was wanting to know if y’all had any pups for adoption if how much is the adoption fee and do i have to come to you or do you travel any info will help thanks

    • We do not currently have any puppies for adoption and rarely do. We do not participate in mass transport of Danes. We require that the approved adopted drive to Kentucky to pick the Dane up. This allows everyone involved in the process to meet everyone in person to get a true feel for one another.

  59. Very interested in a Dane! I do have a couple questions though, Do you guys make sure that your dogs are 100% Dane? Is it possible to come hang out with the dogs a few times before making a permanent decision? I am positive I will be adopting a Dane, but would very much like to spend time with a few different ones in order to make sure I find the perfect addition to our family! Thanks!

    • We do not do any genetic testing if that is what you are asking. Our board members have a lot of Dane experienced combined so we are confident in our ability to decide if the dog is 100% Dane. We ask that you submit an application and be approved before meeting any of our Danes. We are foster based so our Danes are all in different areas for the most part. The application will give us the information needed to narrow down possible matches for you. Once approved you are more than welcome to setup a meet and greet with the Dane’s foster family.

  60. Raymond Jaggers

    I live in Kentucky but I don’t know were you are located

  61. Tanya Williams

    I would like to inquire about Lola. I don’t see her information on here? I seen info on the Facebook page. Is she still available?

    • Lola just arrived today so it will be a couple of days before she’s added to the website and pet finder. We will process your app though if you apply for her before she is on the website. she is spayed but needs her vaccines. VERY sweet girl!

  62. Can you please tell me if Lola is still available and give me some info on her. Age, good with other Danes male and female, and children, health issues, any bad habits, size. And do you adopt out of state? I live in Tennessee. Much appreciated.

    • Lola is 8 and is dominant. Great with kids. Only bad habit is a low growl when she meets new people. With continued correction she will learn to stop this. She’s a very easy dog!

  63. I have recently lost my english mastiff of kidney illness.She was 8 yrs. old. I am looking for another big dog to love and spoil.i have a large fenced yard and a great neighborhood. To walk in. I am lppking for a female 2 years or younger,that needs a forever home!!

  64. I will be getting a fenced in yard. Looking for a young but house trained Male Dane. Likes other dogs/cats, kids and people, and will run with me.I’m allergic to cats, so he wouldn’t be around them in the house. But the neighborhood has a lot of cats. I have always had big dogs. I don’t want to buy a puppy. I want to give a Dane a home full of lots of love that needs it. I am in KY. Not a problem to fill out application or drive to pick up the not so little guy.

  65. I am in search of a sibling for my great dane/ mastiff mix. His friend suddenly past away. He is 4. Very very sweet…..He is neutered. He is grieving terrible.

  66. Hey Josh, I don’t know if you remember us or not but we adopted Guy now Gus at the end of February of this year. I was wondering about Osirus. How big is he and does he get along with other males? I am still thinking about a second dane.

  67. Curious to know where y’all are located.

  68. Looking for a Great Dane to give a good home to.

  69. I’m very interested in your big boy osirus if hes still up for adoption I would love to meet him. Thanks

  70. Please contact me for availability of adoptions.
    I just lost a dane and her sibling is grieving. I need to get her another sister or brother soon.

  71. Do u have any for adoption now if so can u send me info and pics? Our family is looking for one to adopt I have to small children in our home. Thank you

  72. Hi, where in Louisville are you located?

  73. Really looking for a fawn or merl dane. Please help

  74. I would love to have wish! She sounds perfect match for me. Where can I find more information in her?

  75. My name is Richard. We are looking for a Dane female, to keep our little dogs in line lol, hopefully you guys have a female who gets along with small dogs. Thank you

  76. I am looking for a dog who would enjoy service work. I need a tall dog who would be trained to be a service/mobility dog. I am six feet tall myself, so the typical lab is not the right size. There are many wonderful dogs who are great pets but just don’t have the temperament to enjoy service work. I realize I am looking for a special animal. I hope you will keep my e-mail on hand to let me know if such a dog comes to your attention. Sincerely, Karen Nall

  77. Do you still have Wish

  78. My husband and I might be interested in Wish, but we live in Virginia, do you adopt outside Kentucky? We have large breed experience, large privacy fence back yard, she would be the only dog, but we do have a kitty.

  79. Wish is such a pretty baby, I had a white dane and he was deaf also. I would hope that people don’t shy away from her disability. Danes love pleasing their people so she will learn if you take the time to teach her. I have two senior pugs and you say she may not fit in my home. I hope she finds her forever home soon. ❤

  80. Hello I’m currently looking for a Great Dane to own and to give a good home to
    I’m interested in adopting one but however if possible I would prefer a young one and I would also like it to be a male,I look forward to your reply back.Thank you sincerely ‘John Bush

  81. Hi, we are very interested in Daisy! The application link we clicked on does not work. Is there another way to access this? Thank you.

  82. Hi, I’m sorry if I missed the answer reading the main page but do you only adopt in state? We live in Illinois and I was not sure if you have to be a Kentucky resident to adopt? Thank you in advance.

    • We adopt outside of Ky as long as we can get a home visit done by a trusted volunteer and as long as you are willing to drive here to adopt the dane. We do not mass transport our dogs. Thanks for asking!

  83. Was interested in Malaki. How did he come to you. Would like to know some more about his background. Have a 6 yr old blue dane and a smaller dog. Want to make sure they would get along

  84. He was surrendered with a litter mate. They were good boys, but very raw and untrained. The owners simply didn’t know how to train them through adolescence.

  85. Hello,
    I am very interested in owning a great dane. I was wandering what you have at this time and if you knew of any puppies that may be ready for adoption? I have 3 young children and wandered if it would be better to grow a dane up with us or have an older one?
    Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!!

    • Hello, Charlotte. It shouldn’t matter if you decide to go with a puppy or an adult. We currently have both available. There are challenges and an ongoing time commitment involved in owning any dog. Once you are approved for adoption, we will work with you to find the best fit for your family.

  86. Has wish been adopted yet she iuy s beautiful and didnt know if just could gr8 additional info

  87. Please keep me updated on Wish. If her pending adoption does not go through I would like to come meet her:) thank you! Leslie Courtney

  88. Kristen Zeller

    Is Wish still available for adoption?

  89. Where is Bart? I would like to apply for him.

  90. Hey! I was wondering if Wish is still up for adoption. She is beautiful and identical in every way (including being deaf) to my best friend’s Great Dane, Nouveau. She’s such a beautiful dog and those eyes!

  91. I was writing because I am wanting to possibly become a great Dane parent! I want to know more about this fascinating breed! Can you email me more information about these beautiful animals? My husband and I have 4 children and would love to find one who would be a good friend for them and will be kept indoors as part of the family! We do have 2 cats and one other dog. They also stay indoors and the other dog is named Jake. Hes about 94 lbs and gets along with other animals without a problem! Thanks, the Taylor’s

  92. Is Bart still available for adoption?

  93. HI… I was wondering if sasha was still available for adoption????

  94. Looking for my first great Dane but would love to rescue.

  95. Is Layla still available for adoption?

    Thank you,

  96. Jessica McGowan

    So happy to see pickles looking so great and that he has an adoption pending!!😀

  97. My husband and I would like to adopt a Great Dane. We are in our late 60,s and have had 3 Great Danes in the past 30 years, 2 males from breeders and 1 female from a rescue. They were all a joy to love, but the rescue was the sweetest. All were merles. .We are interested in adopting a leash and house trained adult or senior who does well with people and animals, and who likes to travel in a car. Where are you located in Kentucky and what is the cost of adoption?

  98. Would love to adopt one of your greats. What are the qualifications and prices?

  99. How much is the adoption fee for Theo? He looks so sweet!

  100. I haves hag Danes my whole life. I have never rescued before. What is the cost of Darcy? Thank you
    Karen Liebisch

  101. Is Darcy orDuke still available ?

  102. Theo we love you so much already

  103. If I have already completed the adoption paperwork before and adopted from you do I need to do it again. My family would be interested in Molly.

  104. Is Chloe still available? I am very interested.

  105. We really would like to meet or see ricky

  106. Hello, I’m a great Dane owner for 30 years my kids grew up with Danes and have their own now, I find myself on 50 acres with a loving lab that her last human didn’t deserve her, now she is mine forever,which all of mine have been, I have the space in land, my heart and my home forever, I’m looking for that special one who deserves the life I can give. So please let me know when that Dane is looking for me as well, and I will foster if needed.
    Kim Bastian

    • Hi, Kim. We are always looking for great foster homes. If interested in foster or adoption, please fill out our application. If applying to foster please put “foster” in the “dog name” field.

  107. I’m interested in Ricky. I move into a new home on Tuesday with a fenced yard. I’m in Tallahassee, FL. Where is Ricky located in Kentucky?


    Steve Tomicich

    • Thanks for your interest, Steve. We can only adopt out of state if we can find someone to do a home visit. You are welcomed to apply and once we review your application, we will attempt to find a volunteer in your area.

  108. Is Chloe still available?

  109. Very interested in Chloe , what’s it cost to bring her home ! How old is she currently is this post and representation recent Thanks

  110. Hi are Spencer and Lilly adopted? We lost our dane about a month ago abd would love to have another!

  111. Krystal Whitaker

    Hi I was wondering if these were all the Danes that you currently have? We heard about you guys through a friend (Summer Lewis- adopted Gunner) and she recommended you guys. Thanks in advance. Krystal

  112. Would like to meet Boone when it’s possible. Rkleslie303@gmail

  113. Debbie McCauley

    My boyfriend and I are very serious about adopting Boone..we are a couple living in Shepherdsville Ky .. we have been together going on 11 years.. We have no children living in the house.. No cats..we have 2 Great Danes that are 19 months brothers.. I’m a stay at home mom so I have all day with the boys ..they go places with us all the time even if a joy ride.. we lost our Dalmatian and was missing the love and companionship and found our boys.. I was so surprised on the gentleness of a big dog..we love our boys and would love to have Boone join our family

    • Thanks for your interest in Boone. We have received some applications on him since posting him, and have received interest from previous adopters as well. It is highly likely he will be adopted soon. If interested in adopting from us in the future, please submit an application. Thank you!

  114. Erin Stevenson

    Vanessa, we really like what we saw if Boone who was posted on FB today. Could we meet him? Thanks!
    Erin Stevenson

    • Vanessa doesn’t check site messages. If you have her contact information you would be best going that route. Or contact the rescue at their email address. We have different volunteers working in different areas of rescue. Thanks. Chiara

  115. Teresa VanSickle

    I would love to adopt Boone or another of your Great Danes. I recently lost my baby to cancer on Nov 30, 2016. Lucous Clay was my best friend for 8 years and very loved. I miss him daily.

  116. Has Boone been adopted or is he available.

    • He has an approved adopter meeting him soon, along with several approved adopters in line to meet him. Thanks for your interest.

  117. Brooke Sutherlin

    Hi, my class is looking for a great day to give as our graduation gift. Do u have any Danes coming in soon or some that aren’t posted? We need one before may 26 if possible.

    • Hi, Brooke. We have a couple that are not posted yet, as they are not yet ready for adoption. As soon as they are ready, they will be posted. The adopter (giftee) will need to be present for interview and home visit.

  118. Sandra Reynolds

    I would like to adopt a great dane. I really want a younger dog.

  119. Debbie McCauley

    Do we need to keep fill out adoption papers or do you keep them.. we have fill out paperwork on adoption and still interested .. what Danes are available for adoption

  120. Hello, I am willing to help Jesse asap. I have a home in hikes point with a big back yard. She’ll be the only dog and very loved. I do have two very well mannered boys who love animals. If she’s good around children we would love to take her. .

  121. Michael jones

    Love more info own how to get Jesse please call at 615-992-4517

    • Michael, information about adopting our dogs is here on our website. Please read our site, especially the Adoption Info tab. There is no need to call people to inform them of things already listed on the site.


  122. Rosalee Yeary

    How much is the adoption fee for Jesse? We have rescue three older Danes they were so special to our family. We came up on Jesse pictures and thinking about adopting another Dane.

  123. rebecca hardin

    Whats fee on kaiser

  124. How long does it take to find put if your application is accepted and you can adopt?

    • Hi, James. We are 100% volunteer based and most of our volunteers work full-time. As such, we process applications in the order in which we receive them and as quickly as possible.

  125. Jessica horlander

    Hello my name is Jessica horlander I am very interested in Lincoln the male Great Dane.

    • Hi, Jessica. Lincoln is not yet available for adoption. He will be posted when he is ready. In the meantime, you are welcome to fill out an application. Thanks for your interest!

  126. Hello!

    I am very interested in Kaiser. I put in an application and would love to make him part of my family and allow him to enjoy my 9 acres. Any update?


    • Hi, Jessica. We process applications in the order in which we receive them. Please keep in mind that we are 100% volunteer-based. The time it takes to process depends on both the number of applications and the number of available volunteers. Thanks for your patience!

  127. Hi,
    I am interested in Lola Grace. Can you tell me a little more about her?

  128. Hello,
    I am in search of a Great Dane to add to our family. I recently met a family that referred us to this rescue. Lookin forward to hearing from you! Please email me at Thanks!

  129. I have a GREAT DANE I need a rescue for see does have papers and is 10 months old. Betty sweet. Please let me know what I need to do. Thanks

    • You can find a surrender form on our website under the tab “Surrender Info.” There is also a phone number and e-mail address listed on the “Contact Us” tab.

  130. I need help finding a home for Bruce…

  131. Kimberly mccampbell

    I am a Hugh animal lover and would love to give a great Home and all my love to a beautiful Great Dane

    • The first step toward adopting, is to fill out an application, which can be found on our website. You can apply for a “future” Dane if we don’t currently have any to fit your family.

  132. Do you have any available that are good with older Children and a small dog?

  133. Great Dane Lover

    Need a Great Dane at least 29 inches tall probably a female who would love to be a mobility service dog…not for wheelchair just balance issues occasionally….and
    must love cats!

    Will live with at moment old cats and an alpha retiring service dog who gets along with all dogs as long as they are not alpha.

    Any color other than mostly black if possible. Must learn to be bomb proof in public and heal well in public. Will be spoiled, cooked for and given lots of fun and exercise & go most everywhere with me.

    Would consider a mix or other breed but need tall cat loving dog..

    Should be t least 2-3 years old so adult prey drive w cats can be determined.

  134. Would like to know if there is a possibility to meet the dogs before adoption. We’d like to make sure our current dog would get along well, before any final decisions or payments. Interested in Blake.

  135. Why is Blake still there? Issues? I’d love to have him meet my dogs to see if he’s a fit. I have almost .8 acres fenced in, plenty of room to run. I have a St Bernard and a Golden Doodle, love the big boys!

  136. Kayla Tanksley

    We are interested in preferably a male. We are a very loving dog family. We have never rescued a dog before but we have always had German Shepherd when they were all just pups.

    • Thank you for your interest, Kayla. The fist step toward adoption is filling out an application, which can be found on our website. You can always submit an application for a “future” dog if there is not currently one available that would fit your family.

  137. Do you still have Cruz for adoption? Your site has him listed him as “pending”.

  138. I want him just bought a 4900 sq feet house 8652073960

  139. What dogs do you have

    • We currently just have Crew, but you can always apply for a “future” dog. Once your application is approved, we may be able to match you with a dog more quickly.

  140. Hello. Has Crew been adopted? If so, can you get in touch with the family that adopted him because there has been a Great Dane found in our neighborhood that looks JUST like Crew, and he has been on the lam for a long time unfortunately attached to a leash. He is very very thin. The people that are watching him like him but they cannot afford to feed such a large. Breed, plus he needs a vet as he seems to have developed mange. Please help! Elizabethtown/eastview area.

    • Hi, Pam. Sorry for the delayed response. Crew is still with KGDR. We are quite sorry to hear about your neighbor. Feel free to refer them to our organization. Unfortunately, we cannot seize dogs in bad situations, without the assistance of Animal Control.

  141. Hello! Im looking for a great Dane rescue to train for a balance mobility dog. Prefer a puppy or a young dog which is a suitable age for training. I have owned a Dane many years ago, so I do have some experiance with Danes. This dog must get along with other dogs and a cat. I have a back yard that is fenced with chain link. As well as 3 acres which the dog can exercise on when supervised. I have vet references and can provide references of other people as well. Robin Lester

    • Hi, Robin. Thank you for your interest in rescue. I would encourage you to fill out an adoption application to expedite the adoption process once we get a dog in that matches this description.

  142. Hello, we are interested in adopting Hooch! We have rescued several Danes over the years and we just lost our last rescued Dane “Tessa” to old age. She just celebrated her 12th birthday last month and we miss her terribly but are ready to introduce Hooch to our family. I have already filled out an application. Thank you for the consideration.

    • Hi, JP. Thank you for your interest. Hooch has been adopted; however, we have a couple others available for adoption and several others in the pipeline. You are welcome to fill out an application for a “future Dane” which will expedite the adoption process when we have a dog that will fit with your family.

  143. Hi anyway we can help besides adopting? Not sure our girl (Dane) is ready for that she is 8 lol we have another dog but she’s grown on her (3yr old boarder collie) our Dane was abandoned w her two sisters always been skittish but mellowed in her older years loves to sleep 💤 We live in Campbellsburg KY
    Thank you

    • Hi, Kim! We are always in need of volunteers. Thanks for your interest! There is a volunteer form on the website if you wouldn’t mind filling that out. Someone will get back to you shortly thereafter. Thanks in advance!

    • kimberly mccampbell

      would love to adopt you can reach me at 270-315-5617

  144. Patricia Kaegin

    Where is GEMMA located?

  145. Is Hector still available? How is he in social situations?

  146. We are wanting to fill out an application for Rico. How would we go about doing that?

  147. Hi, we are about to put in an adoption application for Titus. Could you please give us an idea of his size and confirm if he is grey or black? Thanks!

  148. Hello

    I am a retired us Marines and looking for Charlie as my companion. I know she will warm up too me, because I need her S well as she need’s me, please.

  149. How much he would be perfect as a companion for me and my pup she needs a energetic friend

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